21 Aug

Welcome, ladies and gentleman!

Welcome, ladies and gentleman!

The official website and the blog of NutriAfrica Association are finally open. It is a great emotion for me to write this first contribution, because having an own internet portal, exponentially expands the possibilities of communicating our idea to the world. And this is our primary goal, beyond the funding needed to build the plant in Uganda: we are interested that an alternative, decentralized and sustainable idea of ​​aid to Low Income Countries extends as much as possible at the public.

We believe that the strong welfarism from the Occident to the poor world is a failing strategy. This is evidenced by the chronic food supply crises crossing the countries of Africa and Southeast Asia, often not self-sufficient, famished and forced periodically to request assistance from NGOs and NGOs.

The NutriMax is a small experimental tool that we put on the table, overthrowing the logic of welfarism: let’s imagine a simple technology, using easily found ingredients directly in the places where it needs help. In this way, we can offer an opportunity for food, health care and why not, even economic emancipation. For more in-depth information, we send back you to the site navigation where you can discover, with different degrees of depth, the whole project and inspirational production technology of the idea.

We thank you in advance, beyond any paid donations, because there is nothing stronger than an idea that will slowly instill in the minds of people and take more and more way. Let’s go, all together! We try to change the world, even a little. We use our finger, but we always look at the Moon.

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