Terms and conditions

NutriAfrica Volunteering Association (hereinafter referred to as Association) meets the requirements of 266/1991 Italian Law, governing the Volunteering Associations on Italian national territory. Its Statute follows the provisions of the aforesaid law. NutriAfrica’s members and activists receive no compensation and give their contribution to the case in an absolutely voluntary manner.

The Association collects funds in line with statutory goals aimed at supporting the nutritionally disadvantaged populations, particularly in Africa and Southeast Asia. In particular, with the NutriMax project, it plans to build a pilot plant in Gulu, Uganda, for the production and a clinical trial of “NutriMax” Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) cream. As per statute and as of national legal order, in case of dissolution of the Association, the mobile capital will be allocated to other voluntary associations with the same statutory purposes.

All donations collected on this site are paid directly to the C/C Bank (through various Credit Card Circuits), or first on PayPal ® and then returned without transaction fees to the C/C Bank.

Personal data, pursuant to 196/2003 Legislative Decree and subsequent amendments and additions, collected in the form of contacts, or for the donation by Credit Card or PayPal ®, will be exploited exclusively for documentary, tax, legal and bankers purposes and legitimate owners may request the modification or deletion by writing to the Association, owner of the personal data processing, to mail info@nutriafrica.org. In addition, personal data may be used, with prior consent, for the purpose of sending information and advertising materials or communications regarding the activities of the Association.

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