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Put ten years of volunteering in the Red Cross. Put the urge to help sufferers. Put the idea of transforming Food Technologies into a tool for malnourished people. So there! This is the way how you will understand why NutriAfrica is born.


Vincenzo Armini (President)

Vincenzo Armini (Naples, 1986) is a graduate of Food Science and Technology and currently is a PhD-Student in Agricultural and Agro-Food Sciences at the Department of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II, with a thesis on the development and refinement of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods for the treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition in under five children. He is a high school teacher in Food Sciences, a volunteer in the Italian Red Cross for eleven years, a member of the Youth Forum Institution in Portici (his living town, near Naples) and director of the “Quattroquadrati” Cultural Association – 4km2 (from the territorial extension of Portici). To the food technologist’s profession, during the course of studies, decides to link the passion for volunteering and the help of the weak people: hence the idea to interest in special foods, aimed at the care of infantile malnutrition. His maxim is: “Problems are being made to be solved”.

Luca Sebastiano Nisi (Vice president)

Luca Nisi was born in the province of Caserta on November 23th, 1986. After graduation in the Science of Communication, he gets Master’s Degree in Education Science. He has been working for several years in the field of disability. He chooses to be part of the NutriAfrica association, not only for deep friendship with Dr. Armini, but above all because he joins his vision right away, which goes beyond the usual welfarism to favor the development of local resources management.

Giuseppe De Francesco (Councilor)

Born in 1983, from a family of workers, counts two sisters and one brother. Since childhood, he follows the path of his greatest passions: football, motors and politics. After the scientific studies, he knows his almost quaint, Vincenzo, who makes him believe again in a better world. Just following this idea is involved in the NutriAfrica project, hoping to say one day that he will helped to make a child’s life happy.

Valentina Cuomo (Councilor)

Valentina Cuomo (Naples, 1992) is a Master Degree student in Philosophy, with a thesis on Animal Affairs and Otherness in Jacques Derrida’s Thought, and studies piano and cello. She was volunteer of the Italian Red Cross and at present, in line with her (not just theoretical) interests, she founded the “Cross Cats” Volunteer Association, of which she is Chairman, and has taken part in the wide-ranging project of the NutriAfrica Association, appreciating the innovative theoretical bases and the valid ethical motivations that support it.

Giovanni Riccio (Treasurer)

Giovanni Riccio (Naples, 1992) is a student of Economics at Federico II University of Naples and is passionate about cartoons, Reversi, culture and martial arts. The treasurer of the NutriAfrica association is always ready to help, even for heavier jobs, as well as fervent supporter of the ideals of the association.

Claudia Bello (Secretary)

Claudia Bello (Naples, 1991) is a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology with a thesis on Innovative Animal Products. From the sensitive and extremely patient character, she loves children as the engine of the universe. Her greatest passion is therefore teaching and her goal is to be able to convey to the youngest children life values to be kept forever. Next Italian Red Cross volunteer, in line with its principles, embraces the NutriAfrica project with affection, sharing its ethical motivations and hoping to give a smile to those with a glimpse of life!

Alessia Sarnelli (Councilor)

Alessia Sarnelli (Naples, 1987) is graduated in Food Science and Technology, with a thesis in Proteomics. Interested in drawing and painting, then approaches volunteering when, together with President Vincenzo Armini, founds the NutriAfrica Association. She is currently a member of the NutriAfrica Board of Directors.



Vincenzo Armini, a young student in Food Technology, enrolled in the Italian Red Cross.


Armini completes the Bachelor Degree in Food Technology at the Department of Agricultural Sciences at University of Naples Federico II, with a review thesis on Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs), special foods for the treatment of child malnutrition in developing countries.


Armini holds a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology at the Department of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II, with an experimental thesis on the development of alternative RUTFs, easily reproducible in developing countries, against childhood malnutrition.


Armini wins the PhD in Agricultural and Agro-Food Sciences at the Department of Agricultural Sciences of University of Naples Federico II, proposing a project to improve an alternative RUTF, to be manufactured directly in the developing countries. In addition to the recipe optimization part, he also proposes the construction of a pilot small scale plant for its production in Uganda, at the University of Gulu, by Microlife, a manufacturer of Spirulina microalga biomasses.


October – At the end of the second year of Ph.D., completed recipe optimization and lacking economic resources for building the plant in Uganda (50,000 euros), Armini decides to reunite friends, college and Red Cross collegues and acquaintances to launch an initiative: to set up a Volunteer Association to start a fundraising campaign.
November – Armini goes to the University of Gulu, Uganda, collecting full availability from the academics of the place for the construction of the alternative RUTF pilot plant.
December – After several consultations, finally, NutriAfrica Volunteer Association arises, by the founders Vincenzo Armini, Luca S. Nisi, Claudia Bello, Giovanni Riccio, Alessia Sarnelli, Giuseppe De Francesco and Valentina Cuomo.


January – The bank c/c is opened at the Naples branch of the Ethics Bank.
June – The PayPal Business Account opens and the construction of the Association’s web site starts by the SkillApp Web Promotion Company.
July – After six months of fundraising initiatives, the stem stops at the great and unexpected amount of 10,500 euros.
September – NutriAfrica’s online portal opens.


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